Silver Ring Seed of Life

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This silver ring is much more than just a ring. Handmade, its sacred symbolism provides protection and helps focus your thoughts on meditation exercises.

For many people of different religions and cultures the Flower of Life < / span> , is a sacred symbol. This name is given to a geometric figure made up of several circles of the same diameter that are uniformly superimposed and with 36 circular arches, they just form a hexagonal shape and give reflect a flower . It exceeds 6 thousand years of existence in history and many philosophers, historians and even architects agree that it has a perfect shape.

It He says that important figures like Leonardo Da Vinci, have given much importance to this flower and three symbols more than they are very similar to this, and are known as the seed of life, the egg of life and the fruit of life.

  • < strong> The seed of life : This symbol is made up of seven circles, which forms the pattern of the flower of life and serves as its design.

The seed represents the 7 days in which God created life , that is why the so-called seed of life means the origin of everything . It should be noted that many people use this symbol as earrings, rings, earrings, among others, since it means protection, blessing and fertility.