How to care of your jewels

Caring for your jewelry
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Jewelry is delicate and generally tends to subtly change its original shade when exposed to air, water, perfume, sweat, etc., it is an inevitable and natural process, so we recommend:

  • Separate them from each other, if possible, in silk / fabric sachets or a good jewelry box, to avoid scratches .
  • Do not mix the Silver with pieces of jewelery since the color of the jewel can be altered.
  • Avoid contact with water as they could oxidize, and with chemical products such like perfumes, lacquers and ketones.
  • Put them on after you've done your makeup and scent.
  • Clean them regularly with a microfiber cloth (without using chemicals) to preserve their shine and durability.
  • If you follow these little tips, your jewelry will look radiant longer.

    Extra Service of Comprehensive Jewelry Cleaning

    La Maga also offers a complete and deep cleaning service for your Silver jewelry. Through an intense polishing process with special products that will leave your jewelry looking like new! Contact me for more information! 689481725