How is a Vocation born?

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Have you ever thought if what you do daily is part of your vocation?

You have chosen a profession, or job or activity and today consumes part of your day, it is part of your daily life and perhaps it is the ideal profession or job, but is it really your Vocation?

Today I am going to tell you my story. I am going to tell you how I discovered that Artisan Jewelry is my vocation, it is the activity that I am passionate about and gives meaning to my Life. It makes me feel that I am on the Path of my Truth and favors my Mission: Bring beauty and Assist in the empowerment of the Women who coincide in my Life.

When I was little my parents worked outside the home and I spent a lot of time with my maternal Grandmother: Fine Grandmother. Born and raised in Galicia, she migrated with a large part of her family to Argentina in the 60s' and there she dedicated herself to sewing.

My memories at home, countless Buenos Aires afternoons, always follow each other to the rhythm of the sewing machine run-run and the tear novels where women seemed to live only to love unattainable men who loved other equally unattainable women. As the scene was so terrifyingly boring, I entertained myself in the courtyard, making mischief. Mischief that more than once ended in some broken bone. So my dear Grandmother must have found a way to keep me close, in sight and entertaining ...

He decided to teach me how to embroider. I remember the vivid colors of the DMC threads, the needles that fell to the ground and the hustle and bustle of finding them because they "run through the body" and the flowers and rainbows that I happily embroidered to draw on the fabric!

Over time, I learned to knit with two needles, cross stitch, and crochet.

I would never imagine on those hot afternoons, together with the Fine Grandmother, that years later I would dedicate myself to selling wool hats, bags and scarves in markets throughout America to pay for my trips.

Life and circumstances made him change materials and creations. Macramé, wire wrap and more recently, Fine Jewelry, working with noble metals and natural stones from around the world.

I have realized, after almost 17 years of dedicating myself to the elaboration and sale of handicrafts, that I found a job that allows me to travel, meet diverse people, create and keep my mind active, at the service of Beauty.

I enjoy both creating and working in the workshop, as well as in the markets or events where I meet my clients. If you are one of them, you know that at my table the magic of the encounter happens, of the hugs and the emotion of connecting for a moment, with another Being.

Thanks to my Grandmother, I am what I am today. A passionate about her work who has managed to be happy doing what she likes the most: creating beautiful things, going around the world and meeting interesting people.

Whatever you do, find your passion. Find your vocation and surrender to it: the heart is not wrong when choosing the path.

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  • Las abuelas. Grandes protagonistas. Dejando enseñanzas de vida para la vida. Vocaciones compartidas. Que bueno. Encontrar la de uno. Muy lindo tu trabajo. Sigue creando.. Vendiendo magia

    Mary on

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