Silver Knot Ring

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Spectacular ring made of 925 silver.

It has a width of approximately 5, leaving a brief window through which a knot of silver threads stands out.

This ring can be personalized with a name and / or phrase of about 18 characters. You must take into account that the spaces count as a character. (Includes numbers, & and?)

Some ideas for phrases:

Your own name

Latin phrases: Amor caecus est (love is blind)

Alea Iacta est (the die is cast)

Carpe diem (live in the moment)

Memento Vivire (remember to live)

Dum Spiro Spero (while I breathe I have hope)

Veni Vidi Vici (I came I saw and I won)

Open your wings

Trust Pussy

There are endless possibilities, including sharing this ring as a symbol of commitment to your partner. Cheer up!

Contact me to arrange elaboration details.

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Mágico el nudito que Natalia te diseña. Que lleve la inscripción que quieras lo hace mágico!!!