Sobre Mí

Hello, my name is Natalia . I am the creator of La Maga ... Although it would be fair to say that La Maga has always existed as the most creative and magical part of my Life.
I have been dedicated to the design and manufacture of jewelry and accessories for many years. In 2006 I undertook a journey from Tierra del Fuego, Argentina to Alaska, USA that would change my entire known Universe, to show me the infinite wealth and variety of an entire continent.
I learned to weave my day to day Along with other travelers who taught me to share the simplicity and wonder of life.
I traveled thousands of kilometers of mountains, rivers, jungles, beaches and deserts, marveling at the spectacular nature and kindness of the people that I found in each place.
This trip was financed by making crafts in macrame, crochet and eventually Wire Wrapping and that's how my trade was born: I discovered my own creative wealth, the daughter of a style of Sustainable life, authentic and in complete freedom.
Three years ago, I arrived in Tenerife and after studying jewelry with Mr. Rafael Martín Krijer in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and obtained my artisan card issued by the Cabildo in 2018.
Since then I have participated in fairs and markets in both the Canary Islands and Peninsula , with these events facing the public my favorite part of work: interact with colleagues and clients, experience the beat of the market in the streets of the towns, be a participant in the hubbub of the festivals and feel freedom in the blood and the immense pleasure of dedicating myself to what I like the most: creating, make dreams come true and travel!
Thank you for being here! I hope you enjoy all the content in this space and my treasures can make you happy and encourage you to feel even more beautiful, stronger and more sure of yourself than ever!
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 La Maga in action
Beauty begins the minute you decide to be yourself