Traditional Canarian Hoops

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Canary rings "of all life", handmade entirely in 925 silver.

They are 30 mm long and 24 wide.

Available in size Smaller, 25mm and 20mm wide.

The first written reference to this hoop, earring, or ring of the crescent, as it is also known, appears in 1885 in the work of Víctor Grau-Bassas entitled "Uses and Customs of the Peasant Population of Gran Canaria".

Los < / span> canarian rings , in the Archipelago they are also known for "S" earrings, "S" rings, canary rings , Cuban and Creole. Its basic shape, consisting of a circle with an inscribed crescent (lunar crescent), corresponds to models used by Sumerian women from 2500 BC. C. and it is thought that they were introduced to the Islands by the colonizers.

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