Qué dicen las clientas sobre mis productos

Stories of Treasures and Magic

When you create magic and work with energy, it is inevitable to generate magic stories.

Here you will find only some of them. Testimonials from clients who are empowered and reflected in the beauty of the pieces I have worked on.

" In the morning I usually read, very early, when the house sleeps and I dedicate myself and my studies the hours before dawn. Those moments of connection with me, when I need to deepen myself, I use my Labradorite , the green and the blue. I like to underline what I study with the weight of the ring in my hand and at the same time I feel how they facilitate concentration and introspection.

On a day-to-day basis, with obligations and the runner of two daughters, home and work, when I start to feel that I am forgetting about myself I use my moonstone , just looking at her I remember my purpose to take care of myself to continue taking care of myself, to give myself that space, calm ... it is as if she looked at me with sweetness and said to me: calm, with pause also comes to everything, you are also important, relax, stop for a moment and breathe.
The charoite is the one that I usually choose to work, along with one of the labradorites, they are stones that help me connect with intuition, with the subtle and the invisible, help me create a harmonious field which facilitates my work with the people I accompany.
 Silver Ring with Charoite stone
The zoisite ruby ​​, hanging close to my heart, is always with me, day and night. At the beginning of wearing it I felt it as a warm presence on my chest. Now, it is a talisman that I touch when I need inspiration, creativity, thinking outside the limits, opening myself to subtle reality at any time to solve something.
I have a relationship with my stones that continues to be a relationship with myself through them: look at them, caress them, choose one to take to the sea and renew their Energy is a ritual, even if it is half a minute, it is a moment of consciousness, to stop and be present. It is true that they are very beautiful and striking, but beyond that, the use is by and for me, much more than to look like a common jewel however beautiful it is. The stones are a blessing in my daily life since I met my dear Maga Natalia ".
 Moonstone ring and Zoicite pendant in sterling silver