Mala 108 Silver OM Beads

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Handmade Mala, with 108 natural stone beads and a 925 Silver Guru or Guide Bead, hand-cut OM design.

This Mala is unique, its preparation has been spontaneous and the model or arrangement of the chosen natural stones are not repeated in other models. The ones used for this particular one are Rhodonite, Lava Stone, Cherry Quartz and Crystal Quartz.

If you want to know more about the properties of the stones I use, click here

Bamboo wooden box included, certified "Canarian Crafts", so you can store your Mala when you don't use it.

Bad Buddhists are necklaces of beads that are used to recite the mantras; a symbolic practice tool. The bad ends have 108 beads that symbolize the 108 passions and also the 108 knowledge. The number 108, according to the tantric tradition, is a sacred number and represents the universe, hence the Tibetan Buddhist rosary has exactly 108 beads.

The beads of a Buddhist rosary are passed from left to right , clockwise, as the mantras are repeated or recited. The beginning and end of the Buddhist rosary is marked by a larger bead known as guru. Bead 109, guru, is never passed. So, when you get to the end, you start again, but counterclockwise.

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