Round Amethyst Earrings

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Classic geometric figures that never go out of style, with a modern touch and all the light and beauty of Amethyst. Work done by hand, in 925 Silver

Did you know that the origin of the word amethyst has nothing to do with mineralogy?

The Greek word proede amethystos , which, translated into Spanish, means not drunk . It is striking that, in the past, this stone was considered an antidote to drunkenness, hence many wine glasses were carved into it to prevent it from going too high on the head.

So whether you are looking for an amulet to keep you sober or some earrings that remain divine and mark the authenticity that is in you, you have found the perfect piece.

Locks silicone included so you never lose your earrings.

Find more properties of the Amethyst stone here

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