Silver and Charoite Violet Power Ring

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There are rings that are powerful in themselves. For its bearing, for its size, for the energy that spills the color of its stone. This is that type of ring: it does not go unnoticed, it is unique and its stone is intense and rare.

Charoite is a stone of transformation. It is the stone that overcomes fear, stimulates internal vision and spiritual intuition, synthesizing the heart and coronary chakras, cleaning the aura and stimulating unconditional love. It also promotes deep physical and emotional cleansing, helping to accept the present moment until it is considered perfect.

Psychologically integrates negative qualities and facilitates acceptance of others. It drives initiative, vigor and spontaneity reducing tension and worry, producing a relaxed attitude. Mentally stimulates perceptual observations and analysis, allowing you to make quick decisions and, spiritually settle in a spiritual self in the reality of everyday life.

Have you already decided? This ring is for you.

Size 17.

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