Info Covid -19

La Maga continues to work through the online sale of all its products and mostly this last month in personalized works, designed together with well-loved clients.

I would like to answer some questions that have been asked from the exceptional situation that we live in these times.


All works are sent through the Spanish Post Office, certified modality, with total normality and efficiency, strictly respecting hygiene measures to avoid contingencies.

Shipments in Tenerife take 24 48 hours, like Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Shipments to the Peninsula and Rest of Europe take 7 to 15 days, depending mainly on the situation in the destination country.

Shipments to the Rest of the World take 10 to 25 days depending also on the conditions in the destination country.

Jewelry Cleaning

Once the package is received with your order, it is recommended to use gloves for everything the process and handling of the packaging.

The item you have received can be cleaned with soap and water. While all parts go through a polishing and cleaning process using a polishing drum with hot water and disinfectant soap for 40 minutes, you can take your own precautions for added peace of mind.

No > use chemicals such as bleach or surface disinfectants. These liquids could stain the metal or change the color of the stone. Just soap and water.

If you still have doubts or questions about the way I am currently working, please do not hesitate to contact.

In these difficult times, let's support the craftsman, Let's support small business: No one saves anyone, but no one saves himself.

Thanks for being there!